Mom Shares 'Pizza Box' Hack That Tricked Her Picky Eater And Now Mothers Are Giving It A Try

Date February 14, 2018

Having a picky eater can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. You know your child needs the nutrients that certain foods offer but you're at a loss as to how to encourage them to eat more. Thankfully, there are a few hacks out there that could work for you.

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This particular hack comes from a mother named Terri Munro. Munro has a 22-month-old son named George and dinnertime can be quite the struggle for the family. This is because the boy would hardly eat a meal without a fight. Then Terri came up with a pretty genius trick to make her son think she was serving him something special.

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The mum shared her story on the Motherload Facebook group. She said that the idea was born out of the need to make George think he was eating a treat instead of a home-cooked meal. All she had to do was place the food in takeout boxes. Simple, yet effective.

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Even Terri was surprised by how much this worked. She joked:

It was such a success I may have to put his milk in a coke bottle now!

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Terri said she began considering the idea after George looked interested when he saw her aunt eating from a takeout pack. So far, she has served the boy some home-made pizza in a pizza box and she looks forward to trying some carrot sticks in a fries box.

At the end of the day, getting George to eat sometimes is hard work, so anything we can try that makes that process easier is worth a try!

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She purchased the pizza boxes on eBay and hides them from her son so he will be properly tricked. Of course, there's the worry that this might mean George will only get excited about takeout. So the mom is determined not to use this trick for every meal.

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