'One Minute He Was Lying Beside Me, And The Next, He Was Gone': Parent Recounts Loss Of Perfectly Healthy Baby


January 24, 2019 14:31 By Mambee

Noah Watson Miller was only 8 months old when he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. His parents are still reeling from the devastating loss and Nolan Miller, the boy's father, shared the family's ordeal on Love What Matters.

Miller explained that before Noah was born, the couple tried to have a baby for four years and had experienced four losses. Eventually, they had their rainbow baby on May 31, 2017, via an emergency C-section.

Noah was a completely happy and healthy baby upon his birth. In fact, Miller said his baby was not a big cryer. He was "perfect." Speaking about the first time he laid eyes on his beautiful son, Miller said:

I could hardly believe we finally had our rainbow baby. We always wanted and wondered what kind of man he would grow up to be.

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People fell in love with little Noah and he was an overall happy child. He smiled a lot and enjoyed being held by basically everyone.

Miller said his son had no major health problems so, when he was 7 weeks old and suddenly turned blue, they dialed 911 immediately. They were not even off the phone before Noah suddenly started to breathe again on his own.

The couple still got him checked out. A number of tests were done but when they could not find anything wrong with him, they had no choice but to conclude it was just a one-time thing.

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Since then, Miller and his wife were very watchful. However, when he was 7-and-a-half-month-old, he started coughing. Again, they took him to a doctor, who told the worried parents that Noah had a chest infection which would pass on its own.

That week, he began getting better and the Millers were hopeful. Then, one Sunday night, everything changed.

Noah was lying next to his father on the couch. The baby was fast asleep and Miller was looking over to check up on him every few minutes. Then, suddenly, he looked over and his boy was pale and "staring at the ceiling blankly."

They immediately called 911 while the dad began to perform CPR on his son. He was rushed to the hospital and, after 45 minutes of no heartbeat, his heart suddenly started again. Unfortunately, he was not breathing on his own.

It was not long before Noah's parents received the heartbreaking news that their son would not survive. Their baby boy was taken off life support a few days later.

He will be missed every day and remembered by everyone that met him. We named a star after him in the Gemini constellation, named Noah Miller (Little Minion).

Little Noah Miller was a light that shone on everyone he met in the very little time he spent with his family, and he will be greatly missed.

The sudden passing of a loved one can be extremely hard to cope with. We prepared some tips that can help to get over the loss.

  • Communicate with your family, accept their help;
  • Find a new hobby, try to express yourself in creative ways;
  • Don’t be afraid of sadness - it’s a natural part of this difficult process;
  • Sleep more, eat healthier, think about your physical needs.

If these tips don't help, seek professional help. It’s really important to move on, this person would like to see you happy, after all.

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