Nurse Warns Parents Of Surprising Flu Symptom That Most People Don't Notice

Date February 2, 2018 13:45

With this year's flu season being one of the most dangerous we have ever experienced, everyone is on full alert for signs and symptoms. Parents are in an even tougher position as not only do they have to take care of themselves, they also have to keep an extra watchful eye on their child(ren).

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So far, 37 children have died from this year's virus and there is every indication that this number will only increase. No one should take any chances. If you suspect your child may have the flu, the safest and best thing is to see a doctor immediately.

Now how exactly do you know if your child has the flu? Well, by looking out for symptoms, of course. But what happens when the symptoms are not what you'd expect.

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A nurse recently shared a terrifying experience she had with her son and she's hoping that others will learn from it too.

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When Brodi Willard's son, Seb, came home from school with hives, his mother never thought for one second that this might be flu-related, mostly because it was not accompanied by any other symptom.

She noticed that her son would often scratch and whenever he did, more hives would appear. Nothing seemed to work. They gave him a bath, changed his clothes but things did not get any better.

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Suspecting that this was something that should not be ignored, Brodi called the paediatrician who asked them to come in immediately.

They said they had two kids come into the office that day with the same symptoms and tested POSITIVE FOR INFLUENZA. I took him to the doctor this morning, and he tested POSITIVE for INFLUENZA B.

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The whole thing was even scarier for the mum because Seb had no other symptoms like fever, cough or a runny nose. The only thing he had were the hives.

The nurse's post has now been shared by thousands of people who wanted to spread the word. Brodi said there were even some people who had the same experience as hers.

As for Seb, he's doing just fine. Brodi's message to all parents is that they be watchful.

Please keep watch on your children so if they develop hives, please call your paediatrician. I have never heard of this symptom but it is obviously something to be on the lookout for.

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It is quite scary that a symptom that most parents would normally ignore or just wait out could lead to fatal results. But thanks to this mother, a lot of parents are wiser.

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Source: Brodi Willard / Facebook