7 Laundry Tips You Should Know To Keep Your White Clothes Clean And Prevent Fading

Date February 27, 2018

Is there anything more annoying than knowing that your favorite crisp white shirt has been ruined with sweat stains and other elements? Well, by following a few rules, you should prevent this issue altogether.

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Carolyn Forte, a director at Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab some tips to share with you.

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On bleaching clothes:

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1. Avoid using bleach on clothes that specifically says 'no bleach.' If you're not sure, on your first attempt, apply some bleach in a hidden location (inside the collar or cuff) to make the solution will not ruin your clothes.

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2. Depending on the type of bleach, you can either pour it in at the start of the wash cycle (all-fabric or oxygen bleach) or you can add it five minutes into the cycle (liquid chlorine bleach).

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Other methods of protecting your whites

3. Make sure you wash after every one or two wears. Sometimes, you may think the clothes are clean but there are some invisible body stains that can turn the white fabric yellow over time. Wash before they build up.

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4. Deal with stains immediately. Instead of ignoring a ketchup or coffee stain, for instance, you should get to cleaning it off your clothes before it builds up.

5. Do not wash your whites and colored together.

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6. Try and stick to the recommended measurements for detergents. Using more or less than ideal is never a good idea.

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7. Even though it can be tempting, don't overload your washing machine. Keep in mind that the clothes need space to get clean.

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8. Be careful with hot water. It's always a good idea as it kills germs but you should not make it too hot to prevent your clothes from shrinking.

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Follow these simple tips and your clothes will stay white for longer.

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Source: Goodhousekeeping

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