7 Surprisingly Useful Things You Can Do With Oranges Apart From Eating Them

Date February 14, 2018

Oranges as a fruit are very beneficial to the body. But when you are done enjoying the citrus deliciousness, what do you do with the peels? Throw them away?

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Well, as it turns out, you shouldn't dispose of these gems because they can be very useful. From serving as bug repellants to being a great deodorizer, here are seven easy tutorials for things you can do with orange peels.

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1. Sweet-smelling candle

In only a few seconds, you can make these orange candles. All you need to do is slice an orange in two and remove the middle part. Then fill your peels with some oil (either vegetable or olive will do)to just above the center. This fuels the light.

2. A cool set of roses

You do not need to shell out a lot of money to get the perfect-smelling rose. You can turn orange peels into flowers with just your knife and a little bit of focus. It certainly gives the home a unique look and smell.

3. Jell-O oranges

If you're looking for more unique ideas to thrill your family and guests, you may want to try this one. All you need for it are some oranges, Jell-O mix, and an orange squeezer. Watch the tutorial above for more.

4. Bird feeder

If you're keen on feeding the birds that come chirping to your neighborhood every day, then you can create an awesome feeder using orange peels.

5. Cupcakes in oranges

Your cupcakes will look even fancier when they are in orange peels. The recipe above may require some focus but it's totally worth it.

6. Decoration that's to-die-for

Oranges can make beautiful centerpieces. These are so easy to create and they look very beautiful. You can make this your unique touch for celebrations or simply a way to decorate your home. A vase, oranges and some water are all you need.

7. Potpourri

This orange peel potpourri will leave your home smelling super fresh and awesome.

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We imagine some of these came as a surprise to you. Try any or all of these hacks and you'll surely be glad you did.

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