Amazing Facts You Never Knew About 10 Of The Past United States Presidents


February 22, 2018 15:40 By Mambee

We know them from our history books and the many stories we have heard from several different sources. But there are a few facts about some of the past United States presidents that can leave even the most dedicated history-buffs shocked. Here are some of the fascinating ones.

1. George Washington never really had wooden teeth


You may have heard this myth at some point, but apparently, it isn't true. His dentures were actually made of human and cow teeth, ivory and metal. But his love for dark wine could be what gave them the 'wooden' effect.

2. John Adams' notable death day


He passed away on July 4th, 1826. His former VP, Thomas Jefferson, who later became his political rival, also died on the same day.

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3. James Madison's interesting size


He was known as one of the smallest presidents. He was about 5ft 4 inches tall and barely weighed 100 pounds.

4. John Quincy Adam's odd routine


Every morning, he would go skinny-dipping in the Potomac River.

5. William Henry Harrison's super short term


His presidency lasted only one month. It was rumored at the time that he fell ill with pneumonia because he did not wear a coat to his inauguration ceremony where his speech lasted 90 minutes.

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6. James K. Polk threw the dullest parties


His devout Presbyterian wife, Sarah reportedly banned drinking, dancing, and games at parties.

7. Andrew Johnson was never formally educated


In fact, he barely escaped a life of servitude. His mother sent him to work as a servant when he was younger but he and his brother managed to escape. It was his wife who taught him how to read and write.

8. Grover Cleveland's two terms as president were not back to back


He was the only president that served two non-consecutive terms. He won the first election, lost to Benjamin Harrison in the second and emerged winner again in 1892.

9. Theodore Roosevelt was a tough guy


He was shot shortly before he was supposed to give a campaign speech in 1912. He was so determined to finish his speech that he refused to go to a hospital. He gave that speech with a bullet lodged in his body.

10. JFK donated his entire salary to charity


Kennedy once donated his entire legislative salary to various charities. He did not need the money as he had some inherited family fortune.

The US presidents were a unique set of people. Well, you had to be to rule one of the most influential countries in the world.

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