Dying Man's Last Wish Was To See His Beloved Dog Once Again.

Dying Man's Last Wish Was To See His Beloved Dog Once Again. Hospital Breaks The Rules To Let That Happen


April 4, 2018 12:28 By Mambee

Not everyone gets the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones before they pass away. So, when this man realized his time had come, he knew exactly who he wanted beside him.

Peter Robson was suffering from fibrosis of the lungs and when it became clear that he was not long for this world, he had one last wish. The 70-year-old grandpa was surrounded by his family but there was someone missing - his border collie named Shep.

Ashley Stevens / Facebook

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Peter's granddaughter, Ashley Stevens, told PEOPLE that Shep stepped up as a wonderful companion when Peter needed it the most. They had gotten the dog a year after his wife passed away and for nine years, Peter found comfort in the sweet dog.

Ashley Stevens / Facebook

So when his time came, the grandfather wanted to say goodbye to Shep. Understandably, the hospital had strict rules against letting pets in the wards due to infection control regulations. The family had made requests for Shep to come in just for a bit and they gave up when it seemed like that was not going to happen. However, the facility eventually waived the rules for Peter and everyone was incredibly grateful for that.

Ashley Stevens / Facebook

Shep was allowed to come and see Peter one last time and Ashley recorded the beautiful moment. While sharing the pictures and video on Facebook, she thanked a nurse named Cheryl Whyte for her hard work towards ensuring that Shep was given permission to come in.

Ashley Stevens / Facebook

"You are an absolute angel and we are all eternally grateful," Ashley said of Cheryl.

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Ashley also expressed her appreciation to the hospital for their kindness. They responded via Facebook, condoling with family for the loss of their grandfather.

Thank you for taking the time to share this, I know Cheryl and the team really appreciate it.

Ashley revealed to PEOPLE that Shep was now being taken care of by Peter's son. also named Peter.

Ashley Stevens / Facebook

She added that despite all the emotion during the time of her granddad's passing, she is choosing to smile and enjoy the fun memories they shared together.

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Source: PEOPLE