Mom-Of-4 Goes Called An Ambulance Thinking She Had A Burst Appendix, But By The End Of The Day Everything Changed - The Baby Was Born


March 2, 2018 11:31 By Mambee

A woman named Charlene Fullerton never for one second thought she was pregnant until the day her baby arrived. The mother of four was on the Pill and revealed that on the day she gave birth to her surprise baby girl, she thought she had burst her appendix.


The 32-year-old and her partner Steven welcomed their third daughter, Emily about 21 months ago. Afterward, they decided they were done and their family was complete. Charlene went on the Pill and the couple thought they were good.

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However, despite having regular periods, the mom was shocked to discover that she was having another little girl.

It wasn't until I pushed out her head that I finally realized I was having a baby! It was the biggest shock of my life.


Describing the day everything changed, Charlene said she woke up one morning in August and noticed she was feeling unwell. After going to the bathroom, she discovered that she was bleeding and had severe cramps.

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Charlene said she had no clue that the cramps were contractions. Even though she had three kids, she did not experience this sort of pain with them.

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She had to call for Steven to tell him something was seriously wrong. He suggested that she may have had a burst appendix.


He called for an ambulance and explained what was going on to the operator who rightly guessed that Charlene was in labor. Before Steven could process this, Charlene confirmed it when she began feeling the urge to push.

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Once they realized the ambulance couldn't possibly get to them on time, the operator guided Steven on how to deliver their child.

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Within minutes, the parents welcomed their fourth daughter.

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They were later taken to the hospital and the family wrapped their heads around the fact that they had a new addition.

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It was truly one of the biggest and best surprises Charlene and Steven had ever experienced.

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