Teenage Boy Was Diagnosed With The Flu, Only To Later Discover He Had Stage 4 Cancer

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March 7, 2018 16:18 By Mambee

16-year-old Hunter Brady from Hudson, Florida thought he was battling the flu but he was later diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Hunter Brady / Facebook

In November, Hunter began to feel sick and was experiencing shortness of breath. His parents took him to a hospital where the doctor said the boy must be dealing with some kind of virus, probably the flu.

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Hunter told PEOPLE that after that visit, he was prescribed some antibiotics which he took for the two weeks. Things only continued to get worse. Then one day, his father took one look at his sick-looking son and insisted there were going back to the hospital.

A CAT scan was done when they arrived and it was discovered that Huner's entire right lung and most of his left lung had collapsed. Cheryl Brady, Hunter's mother, told PEOPLE:

They said this was the worst X-ray they had ever seen on a child.

Hunter Brady / Facebook

Hunter had to undergo five surgeries to drain fluid from his heart and longs. A biopsy was then performed and it was at this point that they realized he had the most aggressive form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Chemotherapy treatment began on January 8 and as he went through it, Hunter was determined to stay positive.

Cheryl Brady / Facebook

Since his diagnosis, the teenage boy has received several rounds of chemo and doctors now place his survival rate at about 65 percent. The next step is to start radiation.

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Cheryl described her son as "so humble" and added that the teenager had said many times that he'd rather be the one sick than for it to be any of his six brothers and sisters.

Cheryl Brady / Facebook

Hunter hopes to become a pastor someday and his mentor, plus members of his community, are rooting for him to get well.

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Source: People