The Fascinating History Behind The Dress In Michelle Obama's Official Portrait


February 16, 2018 10:31 By Mambee

On Monday, February 12th, Barack and Michelle Obama's official portraits were unveiled at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

People had many wonderful things to say about the stunning images. One of which was how beautiful Michelle Obama's dress looked.


Michelle Smith, Milly co-founder, was the one who got the honor of dressing the gorgeous woman. She designed this beautiful gown that was featured in the former First Lady's official portrait.

Smith was honored to be a part of history as this portrait will join those of past Presidents and First Ladies which are displayed in the gallery. Speaking to, Smith said:

I was humbled to be able to create such a special piece for such an intelligent and influential female, who also reflects such confidence, beauty, kindness, and compassion.

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To create the gorgeous dress, she worked off a piece from her Spring 2017 collection but she did a few things differently. She told ELLE:

I used the same cotton poplin and minimal, geometric print to create something more conservative and modern.


She went on to explain that she added a bow sash waist and a slightly fuller skirt to completely enhance Mrs. Obama's features. The result is a luxurious, yet minimal dress that captures the eye and heart.

Smith's main goal was to portray the inner strength and beauty of the former FLOTUS which we think she did a fantastic job at.

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The designer has had a hand in Michelle Obama's style over the years. Meredith Koop, one of Obama's stylists, often sought advice from Smith.

Amy Sherald, the talented artist who painted the portrait, said the dress itself was quite a pleasure to recreate. She spoke about its abstract pattern and compared it to the quilt masterpieces that were made in Alabama many years ago.


The combination of Smith's dress, Sherald's painting, and Michelle Obama's beauty made for a truly gorgeous portrait.

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Source: ELLE