7-Year-Old Girl With Robotic Hand Achieve Her Goal Of Throwing First Pitch At The World Series

Date December 20, 2017 19:04

For a very long time, Hailey Dawson had one goal - to throw the first pitch at every Major League Baseball game,

Haily suffered a rare congenital disorder which led to the loss of three fingers at birth and had her needing a 3D-printed hand at a very young age.

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Growing up, Hailey had a passion for baseball and even though her robotic hand was a barrier, the little girl worked through it. She thought herself to throw a ball and her family was there to help her every step of the day.

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Hailey’s 3D-printed hand, which was created by the engineering department of the University of Nevada, operates with fishing wire, and her fingers move with the flick of her wrist.

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Two years ago, the little girl made headlines when she threw out the first pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game. This happened after the Bleacher Report heard of the girl's desire to throw first pitches and shared it on their Twitter page. Since then, major league teams have been inviting Hailey over and are willing to help make her dreams come true.

Two months ago, Hailey reached another milestone with her goal. She got to throw out the first pitch at a World Series - during a game between Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For the past few months, Haily has received requests from MLB teams like the Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s to come and throw out the first pitch at their games. With all these, it became clear Hailey's family that dream would come true by 2018. What they never expected was that, before the year would run out, she would be called to participate in the World Series.

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It's just so wonderful to see this girl achieve her goals, one throw at a time. Certainly, she would grow up seeing her disability as a strength and an inspiration rather than as a weakness.

Source: TODAY