How To Encourage Your Child To Listen To You: Show Them How It's Done

Date October 23, 2018 12:18

One of the most frustrating parts of parenting is when you have to deal with a child that just does not listen. It can make you want to pull your hairs out when you know your kid is hearing exactly what you are saying. but they just choose not to do what you ask.

However, as it is with other parenting challenges, the key is to remain patient and try to understand the root of the habit. Yes, kids will always be kids and teaching them to listen is just part of a parent's job. In order to truly get through to them, however, you ought to try and find the motivation for some of their behaviour.

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When kids feel like they have no control over what happens to them, they may often choose to rebel in a number of ways, including ignoring you when you talk to them.

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Think about it for a second: They are being told when to sleep, wake up, have breakfast, go to school and so on. It is understandable that they would want to feel some kind of control.

So, how exactly can you remedy this? By giving them the control they need, of course.


One good way to do this is to carve out a specific time or day when they are the boss. Naturally, there should be some boundaries. For instance, when playing a game, let them know they make the rules and you will listen and do whatever they ask.

Not only does this help them feel in control, you also get the chance to model 'good listening' for them. In addition, they will understand that doing what they are asked is their way of helping out.Tysovska Nina /

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Knowing that picking up their toys is your child's way of playing their own part in keeping the home clean, for instance, as opposed to you just giving commands may make him more receptive to your requests.

Kids learn by watching what you do. So, when in doubt, don't just tell: Show them how to behave.

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