Matt Damon Doesn't Want His Kids Don't Grow Up Spoiled, So He Ensures They Don't Get More Toys Than They Need

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December 29, 2017 15:03 By Mambee

Even regular parents worry about giving their kids way more than they need. So you can imagine how challenging things can be for parents who can afford it all. When you're a celebrity, not only can you afford the best, you are usually being gifted with some pretty fantastic items by some of the biggest brand names.

Matt Damon and his family often get a lot of toys as gifts. But to make sure his kids do not have way more than they need, he has a rule - they do not get to open or use any toys they have been gifted with.


The Oscar winner and his wife, Luciana Barroso have four children. 19-year-old Alexia, Isabella, 11, Gia who is 9 and Stella, 7 years old. They get a lot of free stuff which usually includes toys. But Matt and Luciana's kids do not even bother opening them.

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The actor recently told TODAY that his children did not need anything, so whenever they received these free toys, they usually just pass it on to other kids who need them.

This is the life we’re giving them. It’s hard to figure out how to try to give them perspective. It’s a source of tension in the family at times.


Damon admitted that finding a balance is not always easy. As a parent, you have the natural instinct to want to give your children whatever they want, especially when money is no problem. But you also want to set limits. “What’s the answer?" the actor mused.


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When we think about wealthy parents, we tend to assume that life must be easy for them since they are able to provide their family with everything. But sometimes, it is exactly this fact that makes things peculiarly difficult. No matter how much you can afford, raising kids with character is always your number one goal - that means that saying no always comes with the territory.

We think Damon is on the right track. Kudos.

Source: Today