Mom Creates Time Lapse Video To Show Her Partner Who Says She Does 'Nothing All Day'

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December 22, 2017 20:18 By Mambee

Stay-at-home moms often find themselves on the receiving end of judgemental and negative statements, usually about how they have it easy and they spend their day doing nothing. While we cannot really do much about the social media hate, it's can be a bit frustrating when these words are coming from a partner.

It can be a little difficult to give someone a rundown of your day using just words, so this mother decided to show her partner exactly what she does all day with the help of a time-lapse video.

Gemma Chalmer was told by her partner that she does "nothing all day" so she decided to make a video of what she and their 2-year-old son, Kayle, get up to from sunup to sundown.

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She posted her video on Facebook where it went viral and had thousands of people agreeing with her. In the caption, she asked "Mr Jones" to stop referring to her day as having a 'day off' and always asking her what she had done all day.

I've been a mummy all day . . . Also a cleaner, a driver, a cook, a storyteller, a nurse, a playmate, a toddler wrestling coach, a teacher, an art director, a potty trainer, a champion tickler, a wardrobe stylist, a personal dresser, a laundry operator, a personal shopper, and [much] more.

This was found to be true because, in the video, we can Gemma running around the house doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and so on, all the while taking care of Kayle. The nail technician had to get some work in as, in the course of the say, she had a client come by to get her nails done.

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Her video was aimed at proving her partner wrong. She wanted to show people the reality of what it meant to combine childcare and housekeeping and how time-consuming it can be.

Source: Gemma Chalmers / Facebook