3 Simple Tips To Stop Your Kids From Coming Into Your Bed Every Night

Date January 11, 2018

You want your child to get enough sleep. And you also need to sleep well too so you have the energy to chase her around during the day. But the fact is if she creeps into your bed every chance she gets, this will not happen.

So, you ought to learn the right practice of ensuring your child stays in his own bed every night. This is not always that simple but here are three tips that can help.

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Bring up the topic

Before you get started with this process, have a sit-down with your child and help her understand what's going to happen. In most cases, children are more accepting of change when they have had time to process it. Try to have this discussion on the day you plan to start the new routine.

Using age-appropriate languages, help your child understand that if he comes to your room at night, he will not be allowed to stay there.

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A gradual process

Try not to simply push your child over the deep end overnight. Some kids may not be too thrilled with the idea of knowing they can never return to their parents' bed. To ease the transition, for the first few nights, start by sleeping in your child's room so she has the comfort of knowing she can reach you if needed.

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As time goes on, spend less and less time in her room until you get to a point where you're only there until she falls asleep. Do not spend too many nights there either as you won't want her to begin to rely on having you there.

Return them to their room

Before putting your child to bed, make sure he's comfortable. Ensure he is not thirsty and have gone to the bathroom,

Of course, there will be times when your kid still comes to your bedroom. That's expected. However, when this happens, lead him back to his own room and hang around a little bit until he falls asleep.

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Keep in mind that this process cannot be completed overnight. in fact, it may take up to two weeks for you to see some changes regarding the transition. Just remain patient and soon, everyone will get a hang of things.

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