4 Sisters Put Their Wedding Dresses On Again - To Honour Their Single Mother In The Most Beautiful Way

Date January 10, 2018

A group of sisters wanted to say thank you to their single mother and they came up with an epic way to do so.

While raising her girls, Terri McCaffrey, like most mothers, hoped to one day watch them get married and have families of their own. But she had one unique wish that she never even imagined her daughters would remember years later - to have a picture of all four of her girls in their wedding gowns at the same time.

Terri had no clue that her daughters, Amber, Kasey, Nikki and Skylar had given this concept a lot of thought and are working towards fulfilling this request for their mother.

Amber, Kasey and Skylar all dug out their wedding dress when their sister, Nikki, was about to tie the knot last month. Since Amber had gotten married in 2005 and the other two also walked down their respective aisles years ago, there was a little bit of worry that the dresses would not fit as they once did. But trying to find creative ways to make it work became quite fun for the ladies.

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Ashley Sargent, the photographer who organised the shoot, said the women all looked absolutely gorgeous and had a fantastic time.

We laughed nearly the entire time as the girls unwrapped the dirty dresses and took them out into the woods.

The girls did not just take some casual poses. They also came along with things that represented their interests. Skylar, the only one with kids, showed off some diapers, Kasey posed with her running shoes. Nikki's sword dignified her strong devotion to her faith while Amber held a guitar to portray her love for music.

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It turned out to not only be a great experience for the ladies but also for their grooms who thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all dolled up.

We hope Terri found their gift as incredible as most of the internet now seem too. It was such a lovely idea to honour their mother that way.

Source: PopSugar