Dad Defends His Decision To Put His 3-Year-Old 'Wild Child' On A Leash When They Are Out In Public

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August 22, 2018 13:53 By Mambee

Parenting isn't always easy and every parent's main goal is to keep their child happy and safe, even when their methods may not be considered popular. Unfortunately, we live in judgmental times where people are only too happy to go on the attack at the drop of a hat.

A 34-year-old dad blogger, Clint Edwards recently felt the need to defend his parenting choices after he was on the receiving end of scathing looks and remarks for putting his three-year-old daughter, Aspen on a leash.

The father of three who blogs at 'No Idea What I'm Doing,' has dedicated himself to being the best dad he can be. And to help others who are navigating the complicated path that is parenting, he often shares his own experiences and stories.

A couple of years ago, Clint and his wife decided to start using a child-leash for Aspen when they are in crowded places. This. according to the dad, was because the girl who he affectionately refers to as a 'wild child' would often bolt away to explore whatever caught her attention.


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They had to get her the backpack which comes with a tether long enough to keep her conveniently mobile, yet, still being in reach of her parents.

Another reason that the couple decided that Aspen needed a leash was that the child was prone to 'Nursemaid's Elbow,' a condition in which a toddler's elbow can be easily dislocated. As a result, yanking her hand when she's about to run off could cause her joint to pop out - something that had happened twice before.

When Clint first used the leash with Aspen at Disney World, they received several snide remarks and judgy looks from other parents and the dad decided to post an explanation on his Facebook page.




I’m keeping this kid safe while maintaining my peace of mind, and that is 100% worth it.




The parents do not plan to use the leash forever, only until Aspen's communication is more developed so she can respond to verbal instructions and grow out of her impulsive ways.


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From the dad's explanation, it's pretty clear the leash is for his child's protection. Imagine the danger of a three-year-old running around alone in a crowded area. No parent would want that and for Clint and his family, this was what worked.