Pregnant Mum Says The Spirit Of Her Late Husband Can Be Seen In Her Maternity Photos

Date December 21, 2017 18:49

Kelly Leuthe was completely devastated when her husband passed away suddenly. She was 18 weeks pregnant at the time.

The 27-year-old mother of two (and one on the way) said that when she was pregnant with her third, her late husband, Jarrett was there during the maternity photo shoot and he set her a sign to let her know.

Kelly told TODAY that her husband died in a car accident. She said she actually texted him a few minutes before the accident occurred and when he stopped replying, she assumed his battery was dead. "Never in a million years would I have thought he was involved in an accident, let alone killed."

Police officers finally knocked on her door around 2 a.m to tell her that her husband, and the father to their 6-year-old Ashton and 2-year-old Kennedi, was gone.

As expected, the pregnant mum was in deep sadness but she chose to find the strength to go on for her unborn child. She also debated whether she should do a maternity photoshoot like she planned to before her husband died. Eventually, she made the decision to do it and started thinking about how to include Jarrett via photoshop after the pictures were taken.

Kelly enlisted the help of photographer Jessica Brandau to take the pictures. On the day of the shoot, Jessica discovered something interesting: a rainbow kept appearing in the photos just above Kelly's belly.

She pointed this out to pregnant woman who then revealed that they had experienced a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with this child, making him their 'rainbow baby'. It was a very emotional moment for both women.

Jessica said she went on and uploaded the photos only to notice that the rainbow and 'orbs' were in almost every photo even though they moved around a lot and even switched location at some point during the shoot.

I know that some will chalk it up to lens flare and light refraction, but in the time that I have been photographing professionally I have never had it show up as prominently — and in every single photo — the way that it did in Kelly's photos. I do fully believe that Jarrett was giving Kelly and his babies a sign that he is still with them.

Kelly revealed that she found comfort in the appearance of the rainbow and that it helped with her grief. The thought that Jarrett was out there somewhere watching over her and the children brought her some peace.