Pregnant Woman Takes Her College Final Exams While She Was In Labour

Date December 21, 2017

They say anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and this is exactly what a young woman has proven. A picture she posted of herself taking her final exam while on a hospital bed has gone viral and people are hailing her as a hero.

At a time when Nayzia Thomas should be taking deep breaths as she ushered her baby into the world, she was, instead, working towards ensuring she completed her exams before she had to push.

In her post, she explained that she was working three jobs and taking summer classes when she found out she was pregnant.

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In the picture, Nayzia can be seen trying to get comfortable in the hospital bed. She had her laptop with her and she was typing away. She revealed that her mother took the photos and they were the "perfect explanation of my life."

Fortunately, the hardworking young woman welcomed a healthy baby boy, Anthony Alexander at 1:30 pm on December 12. But the birth was not a smooth one. In subsequent posts, Nayzia said her body went into shock as a result of blood loss so she had to undergo a transfusion.

It all ended on a happy note, as, a few days later (December 16th) Nayzia said she and her baby were doing just fine and were heading home that day.

Its been hard trying to cope with being so close to death, but I can't thank God enough for being able to share my story!

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The good news is that the exams obviously went great because, in a later update, she said she was "finishing the semester w/ a 3.5 GPA."

Her story and her work ethic is certainly an inspiration for everyone out there. This was a woman who did what she had to do and was determined to get her examinations done before her baby made his debut. Talk about girl power!

Source: Naydxll / Twitter