She Wanted To Convince Her Dad To Get Her A Cat, So She Created A 'Wall Of Sorrow' To Guilt Him Into It

Date December 29, 2017 11:28

It's kind of hard to argue with a smart and creative child. So when this young lady came up with a funny and sweet way to guilt her dad into getting her a cat, there was no way he could say no.

Danielle Grubisic shared a post on Twitter about how her younger sister managed to convince their father to get a cat for the family by crafting a 'wall of sorrow.' The 13-year-old created a stunning and awesome masterpiece aimed at giving her dad reasons why adding a cat to the family was a fantastic idea.

The teenage girl placed 23 pieces of paper on a wall in their house. Each of them contained messages like "You're killing innocent lives" and they included some pictures of sad-looking cats. Her goal was to appeal to her dad's emotions and honestly, after seeing this wall of sorrow, we want to go out and get a cat of our own. How can one refuse to turn the adorable frown on a cat's face upside down?

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One of the highlights of the message and picture compilation was the image of a cat that had a lone tear running down its face. The girl made sure to get her message across by drawing an arrow pointing to the tear and writing "This is because of you," on the photo.

Her creative and persuasive ploy worked because Danielle's dad was eventually convinced to adopt an older cat from the shelter. The picture of the feline cutie settling comfortably on Danielle's dad's legs was also added to the Twitter post.

When Danielle Tweeted the story and picture, it went viral very quickly. It garnered over 173,000 likes and 71,000 retweets. Over a thousand people commented and most of them were just so touched by the story and found the teenager's wall of sorrow hilarious.

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We think this was a super cool and sweet idea from this young lady. And we're so glad it worked. Thanks to her, one cat got to have a loving home.

Source: Danielle Grubisic / Twitter