Study Shows That The Fewer Toys Your Kids Have, The Better Quality Of Play They Enjoy

Date December 29, 2017

It's natural to assume that the more toys your kids have to play and experiment with, the more fun they will have. With the thousands of options we have at toy stores, the possibilities are endless. However, scientists are now assuring parents that they do not need to break the bank just to ensure their children enjoy a more quality play time.

In fact, this particular study has actually shown that giving kids way too many toys can reduce the level of fun and learning experience they will enjoy.

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A new study from the University of Toledo found that when it comes to toys, less is definitely more. The researchers observed a group of toddlers. Some of them were encouraged to play with four toys while others had 16.

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The study authors explained in its abstract that toddlers do not need that many toys to have fun. As they watched the 36 toddlers play with all kinds of toys from battery-operated to puzzles and shapes, they found that those children that had only four toys were more engaged in the play than those who had more than a dozen. In fact, the ones with fewer toys had 108 percent more fun.

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The summary of their findings simply stated that when children had fewer toys, they were able to focus better and were more creative with what they had.

This makes a lot of sense. We all know that sometimes, having too many choices can be confusing. It hard to focus on one thing when you have much more that you have yet to explore. Maybe taking the choices away is not such a bad thing.

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So, the next time you are feeling a little guilty for not being able to afford to buy hundreds of toys for your little one, keep in mind that chances are, they are much happier with the few they have.

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