Pregnant Military Widow Was Touched When Her Late Husband's Old Colleagues Show Up For The Gender Reveal

Date November 23, 2017 13:59

A military wife was devastated when she heard that her husband had passed away only one month after their wedding. But it turned out that he left her with a truly special gift.

Cassy Lohrey lost her husband, Hospital Corpsman 1st class Ryan Lohrey in July 2017 in a plane crash in Mississippi while he was on his way for Military training. The couple had only just gotten wedded a month before the tragic incident.

Three weeks after Ryan's death, Cassie found out she was pregnant with her late husband's child and is due in March 2018. The widow's spirit lifted at the news and saw her unborn child as a reason to celebrate and embrace life again. As a result, she decided to do something super special for the gender reveal.

Cassie chose to schedule the Gender Reveal on Veteran's day as a way to honor her late husband and other military men and women who lost their lives fighting for their country.

Local photographer, Saralyn Johnson, who took the pictures for the event, shared the couple's story on her Facebook page. She said that while planning the Reveal, Cassie reached out to a few of Ryan's friend and old team members to see if they would like to be a part of the announcement. As word spread, more people than she expected were eager to be a part of the event.

At the end of the day, 16 servicemen were present during the gender reveal. Saralyn said:

It was very evident to me what a special man Ryan was and how many lives he had touched.

The video of the reveal was also posted to YouTube by Saralyn.

Just watching them all together, we bet that the little baby girl will be surrounded by love and will definitely know what a well-admired man her father was.