Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Look So Alike They Could Pass For Twins

Date December 5, 2017

A mother-daughter lookalike is not that rare of a concept but sometimes, the similarity can be so uncanny that it's like you're looking at the same person twice.

Ava Phillipe had had a resemblance to her mum, Reese Witherspoon, all her life. But as she transforms into adulthood, it is becoming even more pronounced. This is not just a scenario where the child looks like the younger version of the mum. In this case, with a 23-year difference in age between them, they still look very much alike.

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The beautiful thing about is that the 18-year-old and her mum are not shy about sharing pictures that clearly show their resemblance. In some pictures, we see them wearing similar outfits, hair, makeup etc, to give fans the full effect that we just cannot get enough of.

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They often make a joint appearance to events and they go viral almost every time. They sometimes share these pictures on their respective social media pages and commenters immediately notice how much the mother-daughter duo look alike,

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Last month, Ava and her mother attended a Wall Street Journal event where Reese was honoured with the "Entertainment Innovator of the Year" award. Ava was there to support her mother. The younger woman wore a beautiful long-sleeve dress with mesh detailing while Reese wore a short-sleeve black Giorgio Armani outfit. 

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Gorgeous, right? Ava has also previously accompanied her mother to a couple of events to offer her support. And each time, we cannot tear our eyes away from how similar their features were, from their looks to body type and even the way they carry themselves.

It's great to know that their bond is not only skin-deep. Ava seems to love her mother very much and would often show up with her on red carpets as a way to offer her support. We think this is incredibly sweet.