The Super Quick Japanese Gift-Wrapping That Went Viral

Date November 14, 2017

Christmas is almost here and we all know what that means, time to get those presents ready. And if you're one of the efficient ones, you are probably already well into the process.

One area that most people may still have trouble with is when it comes to wrapping the gifts. Of course, you want to make them look pretty but the downside is, most of the prettiest gift-wrapping method usually take some time to achieve. While trying to get all your gifts wrapped, you literally could be at it all day.

BeatTheBush / YouTube

But the great news is, there are always simpler and more time-efficient methods of gift wrapping that offer the same, or sometimes, better aesthetically-pleasing results.

Before we get to the Japanese gift-wrapping technique that seems to go viral every year around this time, let's take a look at other methods that people enjoy.

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For the artistic folks out there, you may like this super creative and unique wrapping idea. The video, posted by Søstrene Grene's DIY Videos in May, featured an unbelievably awesome hack. You get to thrill your gift-receivers with an incredible package wrapped up like a fancy T-shirt. You can make the present feel even more thoughtful and special with this technique.

Because there are just so many gift-wrapping ideas out there, we thought it was a good idea to share this video consisting of some of the quickest and creative wrapping hacks. This tutorial was posted by SaraBeautyCorner on YouTube and contains some really cool way to ensure your presents to family and friends stand out.

Finally, we have the Japanese wrapping method that has gone viral with over 9 million YouTube views. The technique, courtesy of the  Japanese department store Takashimaya has been praised for being very quick. In fact, you can have a gift wrapped in 15 seconds. Unbelievable, right?

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A YouTube channel, BeatTheBush, broke down the process in a video. All you'll need are three pieces of tape and three folds.

With these tips, tricks, and hacks, we bet gift-wrapping this Christmas will be a breeze. Get creative and try to make some of the ideas your own and your loved ones will be very happy with your presentation.

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