6 Surprising Facts About Kate Middleton's Children

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte are probably two of the most adorable children you have ever seen (well, excluding yours, of course) so it's not a surprise that people just want to know more about them. We are interested in how they live and as many little info as we can learn.

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That's where we come in. Here are six facts about little George and Char that you probably never knew. You're welcome.

What Prince George calls Queen Elizabeth

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Have you ever wondered what the kids call the Queen? Sure, she rules a whole country but she is still their great-grandmother after all. So, it's natural to be curious. Well, while speaking to ITV, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that George affectionately calls Queen Elizabeth, 'Gan-Gan.'

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Princess Charlotte could become Queen

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Once upon a time, this would have been a really long (and almost impossible) shot but thanks to a 2015 revision of the Succession of the Crown Act, it is quite possible that Princess Char could be queen one day. The new update put an end to princes taking precedent over princesses when it comes to ascending the throne. So, Charlotte is now next in line after George to become Queen.

The kids don't have a surname

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You hear them often being referred to by Prince George and Prince Charlotte but have you ever wondered what comes after that? Well, the members of the royal family do not actually have last names. Their HRH (his/her royal highness) title seems powerful enough. However, when they do need a last name like for school and tax purposes, they make use of their house name. Hence, Prince George becomes George Cambridge at school.

George can't have a best friend

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And this is because of the rules at his school, Thomas’s Battersea. To ensure that all kids feel accepted and included, playing favourites by choosing a 'best' friend is discouraged.

The kids know about Grandma Diana

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In a documentary made in honour of the 20th anniversary of his mum's passing, Prince William revealed that he is raising his kids to know about Princess Diana. He is keeping his mother's memory alive by ensuring that he talks about her around the house and there are also pictures of her all over.

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George and Charlotte will lead as normal a life as possible

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We can imagine this will not be easy but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are planning on making sure their kids lead a normal life. For example, their parents drop them off and pick them up from school and playdates are deliberately planned to include the participation of William and Kate. We can only hope the kids will turn out as great and down-to-earth as their parents are raising them to be.

Evidently, things are all set up and ready in the royal home as everyone anticipates the arrival of the new addition to their family. We look forward to learning more about this family and the really beautiful children.

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