The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch Is Finally Happy To Give Birth To Her First Child

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December 11, 2017 16:38 By Mambee

Actress Melissa Rauch recently shared the great news that her baby girl had arrived. On Instagram, she posted a sweet announcement with some heartwarming words about how much having this baby meant to her.

"I will never take for granted the difficult road it took to get here,' she said in her post caption.

The actress was referencing the struggles she experienced before and during her previous pregnancy. A few months ago, she penned a touching piece in which she reflected on her challenges.

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In the write-up which was published in Glamour magazine, Rauch talked about what it felt like to try very hard to get pregnant only to suffer a miscarriage. It was such a difficult time that she would often find herself feeling hurt and sad whenever she heard other people's pregnancy announcements.

During the time when I was grieving over my pregnancy loss or struggling with fertility issues, every joyful, expectant baby announcement felt like a tiny stab in the heart.

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In her post, she also revealed that while sharing the news of her pregnancy, a part of her worried about other women who were once in her shoes, struggling and striving just to have a child. Clearly, those thoughts were still on her mind because on her Instagram post where she announced the birth of her baby girl, she said, "to those on that road: I'm sending you so much love today and always."

Rauch described her miscarriage as "one of the most profound sorrows I have ever felt in my life." She went into details about the devastation she felt at the time including battling with the guilt that often comes when women face issues like these.

Luckily, her pain and loss had a happy ending and now she gets to hold her newborn baby girl in her arms.

Source: Glamour