Therapy Dog Gets His Own Yearbook Photo And Becomes Twitter Sensation

Date November 15, 2017

Dogs are so much more valuable than we give them credit for. We constantly read stories about these animals doing heroic things which often include saving a life. In addition, having the unconditional love and devotion of a pet is truly a blessing.

Dogs are not just there to provide companionship and love, they often help people get past difficult situations. There are trained therapy dogs who work with children, the elderly and anyone else who needs a little extra motivation and strength to get by.

These trained dogs often visit such settings as schools, hospitals and nursing homes to provide comfort and improve the lives of people.

Therapy dogs should certainly be appreciated and applauded, and that's why we are totally in love with this story of Bird, a dog who recently became a social media sensation since his picture and story made it to Twitter.

It all started when a Twitter user with the name, Jaxon, posted a picture of Bird along with the caption:

Oh my god. my mom got my dog a school picture because he’s a therapy dog at her school.

People absolutely fell in love with this cute photo of the dog sporting a very dignified bow tie. The Twitter post has now gotten almost 136,000 likes and nearly 40,000 retweets. It's really hard to see something this amazing and not share so we totally get why it went viral.

Some were even encouraged to share their own pets looking dashing.

Jaxon, who spoke with KSAT, revealed that Bird is a therapy dog at a school for students with autism and special needs.

His mother, who took the dog to school every day, wanted Bird to be a part of the yearbook photos as an appreciation for all that he has done for the kids. The children usually get to hand out with Bird as a reward for good behaviour so a lot of them really look forward and cherish their time spent with the dog.

Bird certainly deserves all the attention and love coming his way and we hope he never stops spreading laughter and joy to children who really need it.

Source: KSAT

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