Toddler Who Thought His Sister's Wrestling Match Was A Real Fight, Runs In To Rescue Her

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December 15, 2017 15:07 By Mambee

Siblings' love is a really beautiful thing to see. Sure they would argue over everything and tease each other at home, but outside home, they have each other's back. This is such an innate dynamic that even a two-years-old child apparently understands.

A toddler could not stand watching his big sister who seemed to be in a fight. The 2-years-old boy ran to his sister Ruby's rescue during a wrestling match at an elementary school in Indiana.


The little boy obviously thought the 5-years-old was in trouble and needed saving. Out of nowhere, he ran in fully intending to rescue Ruby who was engaged in a match with another 5-year-old, Ryan. The boy charged in between the two opponents, grabbed Ryan and attempted to push him away from his big sister before the referee broke it up.

Ryan's mother, Tori Prendergast shared the adorable video on her Facebook which has already been viewed over 407,000 times.

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Speaking to HuffPost, Tori said her husband actually recorded the match. She had to work that day and could not attend the game. But as soon as she saw the video when she came back that evening, she knew she just had to share the sweet moment.

"It was so cute. The whole place was cracking up when it happened,” she said. Tori was also quite impressed with the toddler, saying it was pretty cool of him to protect his big sister like that.

A lot of people found the video incredibly cute. They were pretty impressed by how brave the toddler was and his determination to protect his family.

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We absolutely agree. This kid is a hero. And with a brother like this, we just know Ruby is one lucky girl.