Why Fathers Need To Bond With Infants And How Mums Can Let Them

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December 7, 2017 18:30 By Mambee

When a baby has just been born, he spends a lot of time with his mother in most cases. Sometimes, this is for practical reasons such as breastfeeding. Considering the fact that babies eat most of the time in those first few days and weeks, it makes sense that he's almost always with his mommy.

However, fathers need some daddy-baby time too. And here are five ways they can get to bond with the new baby as well.

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Feeding time

Just because mommy has milk does not mean daddy can't participate in feeding times. After you're done with feeding the child, the dad can carry and burp her. This way, you can get a break while your partner soothes and bonds with the baby post-feeding.

Snuggle time

A little bit of daddy/baby cuddle time can do wonders for you and your partner. If you have things to do, for instance, and the baby is alert, why not let your partner go snuggle with the little one. He can sing to her, play with her or just lie down beside her to offer comfort.

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Bath time

You can make bath time a family event. Dad can bath the baby while you wash her hair and vice versa. Getting all that attention from mommy and daddy will be so much fun for your little one.

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Bedtime story

It will be great for the child to be lulled to sleep by a different voice from yours from time to time. Give dad a chance to read the bedtime story. It can be a nice way for him to unwind after a hard day. Seeing his cutie look at him adoringly will certainly evoke a feeling of content, regardless of how tough things have been.


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Give them a chance to bond

A lot of mums naturally feel the need to control everything especially when it comes to their babies but you need to ensure the little one is spending some quality time with daddy too. Let them do their own thing without interfering. Your partner may not do things exactly how you would have liked, but there's nothing wrong with him doing them his own way. Besides, it can be very beneficial for the child to experience different approaches and processes.

Mums do not have to monopolize all the aspect of caring for a baby. That can be really exhausting. It's okay to take breaks and let dad take over for a while.

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