Woman Finds A Stuffed Toy At A Rest Stop. Thanks To Facebook, She Was Able To Get It Back To Its Family


November 17, 2017 18:39 By Mambee

At a time when the media is filled with negative news and heartbreaking stories, these warm tales of good people just doing something nice are what is we need to keep hope alive. A stuffed toy was able to find its way to its owner thanks to this woman putting so much effort to make it happen.

Katie Hoeppner was driving along when she decided to take a break at a rest stop. It was there that she found an adorable little stuffed toy sitting in the bathroom looking very dejected. She decided to take the toy along with her because she was certain a little child somewhere would be missing it.

As a mom, I know exactly what it's like to have a child who's frantic when they lose their Stuffy. I decided to rescue him and bring him home until we can find his owner.

Later on, Katie posted pictures of the toy, which she named 'George' on Facebook in hopes that someone might connect her to its owner.

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Fortunately, her plan worked, because she soon announced that she had found George's family. Oh, and they did not just come, proclaim George was theirs and take it home. Nope. Kate made absolutely sure that the stuffed toy truly belonged to them.

They were able to identify a very particular marking on "George" to prove that it is theirs!! His actual name is Pup Pup, and he belongs to a little boy here in Iowa.

She shared this incredibly sweet journey of loss and reunion on her Facebook page. Clearly, a lot of people were on board with helping George (Pup Pup) find its home as the post garnered over 54,000 shares.

Most people who commented on the post really appreciated the sweet story. One commenter, Carol Brazelton said, "In this time of so much evil and heartache, it's such a blessing to see goodness. Thank you."

We agree. This kind woman deserves all the applause.

Source: Kate Hoeppner / Facebook