Woman Gets Real About What She Needs From Her Husband After Birthing Their Baby


November 9, 2017 22:45 By Mambee

Pregnancy and childbirth can be really challenging times for a lot of mums. It is often the time that mothers need their partners the most. But the main issue that often pops up is that new mothers tend to not feel as supported by their partners as they will like.

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Sadly, this is not usually because their partners do not care. It may simply be that they don't know how to help out. A new mother, Gretchen Bossio, who shared some deep words on Mom.me, talked about the things she needed from her husband after having a baby. Hopefully, seeing her needs written so clearly may help you determine how best to approach your partner about similar acts of support you may require.

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1. "I need you to say I’m awesome."

Bossio asks that her husband relive their birth story and remind her what a strong woman she was. She wants to hear how beautiful he found the birth experience to be and remind her every day that she did, and is doing, a great job. This, to her, is a great way to help her feel good physically and emotionally. Mothers can agree that this is not always the case after childbirth.

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2. "I need you to feed me."

Mums know that frequent hunger comes with the postpartum package especially if you're nursing. This mother wants her man to be there to feed her and offer snacks every once in a while to keep hunger pangs at bay.

3. "I need you to let me sleep."

One thing mothers quickly learn after having a baby is that sleep deprivation is almost a surety. Bossio explained that she requires some extra sleep especially during the day since nighttimes are not always possible. "Please take the kids and baby and let me get a solid nap in each day," she wrote.

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4. "I need you to understand that my emotions are everywhere."

Another experience new mums can relate to. After childbirth, a woman's emotions can be very erratic and sometimes unreasonable. This mother wants her man to understand that and not point out that she's overreacting or overly emotional.

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5. "I need you to buy me a present."

What better way to put a smile on a new mum's face than by buying her a thoughtful present. It reminds her how much you care and is guaranteed to lift her spirits even on the toughest of days.

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Simply put, a new mother wants to feel appreciated, adored and validated. These are not the easiest of times but knowing you have your partner's unwavering support can make things that much better.

Source: Mom.me