Irma Evacuee Goes Into Labor When She Stops For Gas. A Kind Policeman Comes To The Rescue

Irma Evacuee Goes Into Labor When She Stops For Gas. A Kind Policeman Comes To The Rescue


November 17, 2017 18:53 By Mambee

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to pregnancy. You experience surprising symptoms and a few unexpected physical reactions to growing a baby. But one of the biggest surprises in pregnancy by far is labor. Even though doctors often give a due date, babies just have a knack for coming at some pretty inconvenient times. As for this woman, she was looking forward to returning home after evacuating as a result of Hurricane Irma when her little one decided to make her debut.

Marcus had sent his family to seek safety in North Carolina as Irma approached while he remained in Savannah to help those who needed rescuing.

When the storm was over, Candace, his pregnant wife, could not wait to return to their home. She was getting gas when she realized she was going into labor. Knowing she needed help especially because she was stuck in an unfamiliar environment, Candace immediately reached out to a policeman nearby.

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Fortunately, the officer, who was also at the same gas station, began calling for help. He was able to get an emergency rescue to Candace as soon as possible and even waited with the family until they arrived.

Minutes later, the mom was transported to a hospital where she welcomed her baby girl named Presley Jade Simplis-Paige.

Marcus was very grateful to the rescue team who helped his wife and his baby girl. Candance also appreciated the care she was shown.

I couldn't have asked for more, especially coming from a facility where I've never been and don't know anyone. They made me feel very, very comfortable and you just can't beat that.

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Even though this meant the family's return to their Savannah home would be pushed back a little bit as Candace recovered at the hospital, they were simply thankful that their little one was safe and sound.

Source: Coastal Carolina Hospital / Facebook