Woman's Story About Helping A Frazzled Mum Of 3 At A Mall Is A Reminder That Small Acts Of Kindness Go A Long Way

Date December 7, 2017

Going to the store with kids can be challenging. Sure, there are some days when your babies are well-behaved and act like absolute angels. But then, there are those other times (most of the times, really) where it's utter chaos and all you can do is hope to God that you escape with your sanity intact.

Jess Johnston, a mother of four who blogs at Wonderoak, got the rare opportunity to got to Target sans-kids, something any mum would absolutely die for. But while she was in the checkout line, she saw another mother struggling with her three kids and she knew she had to do something to uplift her. She could completely relate to the woman's experience and wanted to let her know she was doing a great job.

I wasn’t sure what to do except smile and look as nonjudgmental as possible. I tried to think of what I could say, like, should I shout above the screaming, “YOU’RE AMAZING!!” Or should I go in for a fist bump, “You got this!!”?

As Johnston continued to figure out what to say, the woman turned to her and asked if she could hold her crying baby. "“YES!” I said eagerly," Johnston wrote, taking the little one in her arms and began soothing her.

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The mother was able to breathe a little easier and Johnston knew with absolute certainty that she did the right thing when the woman turned around and sincerely thanked her.

The blogger explained that she knew exactly how it felt to be on the checkout line, overwhelmed and close to tears. She has been in that woman's position many times, trying to keep herself calm until she could make it out of the store and to her car.

"I’ve felt so alone and so out of control," she wrote. So it felt so good to offer that tiny bit of comfort to someone else going through the same. 

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It really does not take much to make someone's day a little better. A kind word, a smile or an offer to help with something small can be the one thing the person needs to feel confident and more hopeful. So, the next time you see a struggling mama, remember how tough it can be and offer a helping hand. You just never know how much difference you'll make.

Source: WonderOak