Young Man Traveled For Hours Just To Meet The 81-Year-Old Woman He Played 'Words With Friends' With

Date December 14, 2017

Friends bond over thousands of different things. It could be through their shared history, similar morals, or in the case of these two, a fun internet game.

22-year-old Spencer Sleyon never expected to become fond of his opponent when he started playing "Words with Friends" with an 81-year-old Rosalind "Roz" Guttman. Their first game was a year ago and since then, they had both forged quite the bond.

Spencer and Rosalind have reportedly played up to 324 rounds of the online Scrabble game together. It was such a fun experience for the both of them that they would often send messages back and forth, making comments about each other's moves.

Spencer, an aspiring rapper from New York, loved to talk about his special relationship with Rosalind who lived in a retirement community in Florida.

One day, a pastor who happened to be a mum to one of Spencer's friends, overheard him talking about the older woman. The pastor, Amy Butler asked if Spencer would consider sharing the sweet story during one of her sermons.

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Amy then took it upon herself to facilitate a meeting with the two online friends. She and Spencer decided to go pay Rosalind a visit.

The next day, after a journey of a thousand miles, Spencer and Rosalind met in a hotel near her retirement home. It was such an incredible moment as the younger man opened his arms and hugged each other.

Spencer also shared a Tweet referencing the encounter and saying how glad he was to meet the woman in person.

Several people responded to the story, saying how heartwarming the friendship between the two was. Even the official Twitter page of Words With Friends also responded with a tweet of their own.

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Truly, there are no boundaries when it comes to friendship. Thanks to the internet, two people from a different age group and in different states can find something in common and have a solid friendship. It was just so beautiful to see.

Source: CBS