This Amazing Bond Proves That True Family Is Not Always Blood

Date November 28, 2017

It is hard to believe but this cute couple love hiking together! In spite of saying that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, these ones prove wrong, cuddling and leaning towards each other on the photos. They are the part of a happy family, their “mom” Cynthia Benneth and her boyfriend are the animal lovers, and a huge hiking fans.

Back in 2014 Cynthia and her boyfriend made a decision to adopt a dog, they went to the adoption event and were considering golden retriever first, but then she saw Henry, he made a move to her, and then curled up into her lap. This moment she knew he is the dog they are looking for, so that is how Henry found his new home.

On the hike, it was a wonderful discovery that Henry loves it too. He was climbing on the highest rock, scaring Cynthia to death, and watched the views. Although the family was not complete as they felt, so miss Benneth decided to adopt a cat together with her boyfriend. They picked a cute Siamese mix kitten who seemed to match their personality.

Unlike other cats who are usually loners, the kitten Baloo loves the company. He is an eager companion in the family hikes, but it is more – Henry and Baloo got along so well, they care for each other, and love to be photographed snuggling together.

I call them brothers, but I think Baloo thinks that Henry’s his mom because he constantly looks for a teet, Bennett said. Now they all can enjoy their outdoor adventures, hike and climb and watch the Colorado sunsets. Henry and Baloo are definitely not the pets you can just leave at home.