School Mornings Should Not Be Chaotic. Simple Things Parents Can Do To Make Things Go Smoothly

Date November 17, 2017

For many parents, getting their kids to schools can be a major challenge. The caregivers always try rush their kids and take them to school in time. But it should not be this way.

Follow these five useful tips to enjoy a less chaotic school morning.

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Create a designated landing zone in your home.

This approach will help make a place for all children's books, backpacks, school reports, and everything else. Everything should be arranged the evening before, and the backpack should be close to the entrance/exit of the house. It will allow to save more time in the mornings.

Get clothes ready.

This is another thing you should get set up the night before. Make sure that everyone knows what they should wear starting from the socks to the shirts.

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School lunch does not have to be prepared in the morning.

When it comes to reducing panic during school mornings, it is important to do what you can the day before. You can prepare the school lunch in advance. For example, you can make some sandwiches and put them in the freezer, so all you need to do the next day is to take them out and pack them.

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Have a breakfast routine.

Don't spend your mornings figuring out what to make for a breakfast. Have a pre-planned timetable. You can even allow everyone to have their favorite meal for breakfast on specific days. This way, everyone will have a designated day, and you won't have to make a breakfast decision minutes before it.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier.

You might already have your own wake-up time, but for kids, it will not work. Wake up 20 minutes earlier and teach your children to do the same. This way, whatever unforeseen circumstance comes up, you have a little bit of room to get it sorted without feeling frustrated.

Please share these tips with your friends. We hope that they will be useful for them as well.

Source: FamilyMatters

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