5 Types Of Pictures Parents Should Avoid Posting On Social Media

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January 29, 2019 13:58 By Mambee

It is the age of social media and many people take the opportunity to share a lot of photos of memorable moments of their lives. For parents, this often means posting adorable pictures of kids doing funny things.

However, it is important to be safe, especially when it comes to the types of pictures you post. Once something is online, it is hard to make it disappear completely and permanently. So, protect your kids by not sharing the following five types of pictures:

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1. Bath-time pictures

Sharing pictures of your children taking a bath, or any other situation when they are nude or semi-nude, should always be avoided. What you see as adorable can fall into the hands of people with more sinister ideas.

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2. Other people's kids

Imagine you take a picture of your kids and their cousins having fun. You think that there is no problem sharing it with other people, right? Well, you need to be careful. Not everyone wants pictures of their children posted on social media. To be safe, ask permission from the parents of other kids before uploading their pictures to the web.

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3. Children that show some weaknesses

As your child grows up, it is important to be extra watchful about what you post. You might want to avoid sharing pictures of your child in a moment of weakness, fear, or anything alike, as this could serve as fodder for bullying in the future.

4. Unsafe or potentially controversial photos

Here's the thing, the internet is not very kind. That random moment when your child held a cup of coffee, or when place her on your lap to pull out of a driveway, can easily be misunderstood and, before you know it, you may face backlash and insults for being a bad parent.

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5. Private details

While posting pictures of your kid on social media, avoid revealing personal details about them or your family as a whole. This information can easily cause trouble. It is better to be safe.

Of course you can share photos of your youngsters on social media; however, you should be attentive and responsible. Some parts of your personal life should be kept a secret.

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