5 Reasons Why Eating Cheese Daily Is A Good Idea


December 19, 2017 15:28 By Mambee

If you feel guilty for eating cheese, because it is considered to be a non-healthy product, rich in sodium and fat, but you can’t resist this delicacy – it is time for you to sigh with relief. The new study showed that eating cheese is beneficial for human health.

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1. The research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association states, that you have lower risk of having a heart stroke, if you eat more than an ounce of it every day. Yes, cheese was found to be healthy for the whole cardiovascular system.

2. There was no relation found regarding eating cheese and increased blood pressure.

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3. No one denies that cheese contains fat, but due to high level of calcium, this fat does not digest fully into the body. Moreover, not all fat is bad, some fatty acids found in cheese are very unique and while produced by our body in very small amount, we can get the rest of them from dairy products – cheese especially. It is called palmitoleate, and magically it works like medicine in our organism. It compensates for harm the saturated fatty acids do to our health, performs an anti-inflammatory function and gets extra sugar out of blood.

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4. If more facts are needed, here they are. Healthy bacteria in this product do a favour to our health too. They set proper gut mircoflora and speed up the metabolism.

5.Cheese is one of the richest product in vitamins B, especially B12, and calcium, which is essential for bones and teeth.

There are enough reasons now to add cheese into daily meals. There are many types of it, so surely every one can find something to meet his tastes.

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