A Student From Washington Raises 220,000$ For Children's Hospital Because Of Her "It Is About Giving" Tweet


December 13, 2017 16:42 By Mambee

Nothing is impossible if you believe in kindness and miracle and collaborate all together. The 19-years-old student Danni Messina from Washington State University didn’t expect much when she posted a tweet about helping a children’s hospital.

She decided that Christmas time is about giving, and she felt eager to help st. Jude Children’s hospital. But she didn’t expect such reaction, she got more than 475,000 favorites and more than 205,000 retweets, and that meant she was owing 220,000 $ for the hospital. Danni understood, she could use this situation in order to gather people and raise this money.

OK, this is the time. This is the time to make a change.

Dani started fundraising on GoFundMe page and so far they collected more than $96,000. The mission is not accomplished yet, but she believed that working together people can make a difference.

St. Jude Children Hospital is specializing on life-threatening conditions in children and one of them is cancer. People from all around the country encourage Danni for this charity event she started and donate eagerly, leaving inspired comments.

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