Blind Dog Survived 7 Nights in California Mountains - Until Help Arrived

Date December 1, 2017

Family reuniting can be so emotional, especially for the Cole family whose dog was brought back to them after more than a week! Their 12-years-old Labrador named Sage got blind because of glaucoma and tumor, and since life at home was good for her with the family assistance, being in the wilderness on her own could end up in a sad way. This is what the family thought when Sage went missing. One day after walk they thought she went back in the house, but then realized she was gone.

CBS SF Bay Area / Youtube

The family started looking for her right away, they got the whole Boulder Creek community involved, even hired a professional dog tracker from a Southern California, but there was no sign of her. The weather forecast made it even worse – those nights were colder, and the mountain lion activity was reported.

Hope for finding Sage was almost gone. But then the Cole’s neighbor Dan Estrada brought back poor Labrador. He said he spotted her by the accident. He was on the hike in the woods around the houses with his friend Vincent, and 2 dogs. Suddently Dan noticed a beige spot among the green leaves, but at first he could not understand what it was, because of his bad vision.

When he came up closer, he recognized Sage lying there with her head at the stream edge. But she was motionless, so Dan assumed poor dog passed. Then all of a sudden she raised her head. Perhaps she smelled  neighbor’s dogs scent, because they often walked together, and felt someone was there. Dan ran to her and put his arms around her giving her a hug, and that felt very emotional.

Sage was too weak, and could not walk, so Dan carried her to the van on his shoulders for over a hundred yards off the canyon. On the top his wife and kids were waiting for them.

It is hard to describe the emotions the Cole family had when they saw Sage alive! Beth Cole said that it was amazing to receive such a support from the whole community, and finally have their dog at home safe and sound. The vet examined her, reporting her condition was okay.

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For finding Sage The Coles had offered a reward in amount of 1,000 $, but Estrada refused to take it. Instead, he suggested this money to be a contribution to an animal rescue organization. Kindness of Dan and happy coincidence helped Sage to be back home safely after so long time and it can be called a real miracle.