Barack Obama Adds To Christmas Joy, Surprising Boys & Girls Club of D.C. Dropping In Dressed Like Santa


December 18, 2017 15:18 By Mambee

Barack Obama adds to Christmas magic and visits the Boys & Girls Club of D.C., wearing a Santa hat, and bringing a big sack of presents with him. He could not make children happy more.

No one expected a surprise, and the kids rushed to former president, shouting happily, Obama shared this excitement, and shook kids' hands. The president’s communications director of the club Kate Hill, took a video of this merry meeting, and posted it on Twitter.

Barack Obama also shared a post, where he wrote : “There's no better time than the holiday season to reach out and give back to our communities. Great to hear from young people at the Boys & Girls Club in DC today.”

True indeed! Since he left the president post, Obama focused on helping young generation, he is sure that many of the problems America has today will be solved by them. Together with his wife Michelle, the Obama couple organized a foundation, and they have been visiting many youth communities around the country, in order to help them to grow and to find out what young people are up to these days.

Obama is certain, it is important to raise the leadership qualities in them, right values and love to their country. He has hope for future changes and children are about to make them happen.

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