Big Surprise For The Family: A Cat Gave Birth To Kittens Under The Christmas Tree

Date December 20, 2017 18:08

Christmas miracles happen in many different ways – this family suddenly got extended around Christmas! Danielle Lopez and her family adopted a female cat Tink some time ago, gave her shelter, food and their love. 3 months later she paid back and gave the family an unusual Christmas present.

Young Danielle found her cat giving birth to kittens under their decorated Christmas tree. It is amazing why Tink chose this location, maybe she felt the festive spirit the whole family was into.

Danielle heard her meowing, and then found the new mommy under the tree with 1 newborn already. After this, three more kittens arrived. And the father of these cuties is the male cat who lived in the family already.

Everyone loved the surprise Lopez family received from their cat. Although there were commentators who encourage them to neuter their cats, as we are responsible for the litter our pets bring. The Lopez family will keep the kittens, but not everyone is so generous, and not all the cats get so lucky.

No matter what, Tink really made her owners happy with the Christmas gift. Definitely there will be more joy in their house now.

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