Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Raised Alarm About Health Care Bill, Fighting For Those Who Can Not Afford Medical Service


December 12, 2017 15:21 By Mambee

After Jimmy Kimmel’s personal experience with his son’s inborn heart disease which he talked about in his show, he became the major figure in health care fight! He realized, families with lower income could not possibly afford paying for the surgery, if they appear in the same sad situation, and something should be done about it.

Jimmy raised the problem, and received a massive support from the community, and even discussed the health care bill with senators Graham and Cassidy, which was giving so much hope for improvement.

But it appeared the senators tried to dismiss increased attention to health care bill, and were not going to make the health care more affordable. Jimmy was not giving up, and it is understandable, as he is touched by his personal experience. Now he claims, that senator lied into his face, because so far Graham-Cassidy bill is the worst as it comes to accessible health care for people.

In his monologue Jimmy responses to negative critics of his initiative, sarcastic yet furious, he says he receives a lot of scolding, but it does not distract him from the goal he is having.

Now Jimmy Kimmel seems to encourage people to support Trumpcare health program as he finds it meeting the needs of those families with law income.

He congratulates the president about smart program, even though he was at the odds with him before, criticizing his actions not once.

The late night host raised alarm around the problem and it paid the efforts, he says he receives a lot of tweets and comments in Facebook with gratitude and support from his followers.

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