Forbes Recognized Ivanka Trump As One Of The Most Powerful Women In The World


December 11, 2017 15:11 By Mambee

The list of 100 most powerful women published by Forbes reveals that there is a place for only one Trump woman there. And for the first time, it is not the first lady, but the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

Apart from being a senior advisor to President Donald Trump, she is a wife and a mother of 3, an entrepreneur, and a women’s rights advocate. Ivanka became a co-fonder of Trump Hotels, both luxury and affordable hotel lines, before she took her place at the White House.

She is a real estate designer, and she works at her projects all over the world. What is more, she started a campaign "Women Who Work" since 2014, and it resulted in writing a book, which became a guide for working mothers, and motivation for those, who try to combine investing in family life and business world at the same time.

Being in the close circle with the President, influencing his decisions, Ivanka has been criticized so many times, and received disappointed comments from American citizens. But in her interview for CBS she told she tries to be an asset to the administration and her father, and he knows it when she disagrees with him. She also comments, that she is aware of the problems America is dealing with, and they are complicated, but she is confident that her father and the whole team will be able to execute all the promises they gave to people.

Whether she is gaining success in this field – it is up for Americans to decide. Still, Forbes made a decision and put Ivanka Trump on the 19th place in the list of the Most Powerful Women of 2017.

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Source: Forbes