Grumpy Dog Poses For Christmas Photoshoot And He Is Not Impressed With The Whole Idea


December 13, 2018 13:13 By Mambee

The holiday season may mean a lot of hustle and fuss for many of us! Buying presents, decorating the house and the tree, writing greeting cards: these are all part of the pleasant routine that makes us joyful during Christmas time. However, not everyone shares this excitement!


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A Siberian husky named Anuko may set you on the Christmas mood immediately and make you smile by how grumpy he is about everything!

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It looks like he is not excited about the winter holidays at all, and when his owner, Jasmine, dressed him up for a photoshoot, he gave her this grumpy and unimpressed look.


Smile nunu 😁

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Actually, Anuko's look does not reflect his personality, because Jasmine described him as quiet and chilled. The pup turned out to be her rescuer when she just got him. He became a loyal friend who dragged her out of depression.


Merry Christmas.... or whatever

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Jasmine shared her story with Bored Panda and commented that getting a Siberian husky was a blessing:

When I got him I was quite suicidal and depressive, I didn’t have any friends or a job and I’d quit school. I lived my life in bed, practically.


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Despite looking at everyone with a scowl, this husky lits up his owner's life every day. 


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Anuko has an Instagram page, where we all can peep into and witness the life of this serious and grouchy dog! Apparently, he had that kind of look since he was a pup.


Our first ever photos together, taken 4 years ago. I was 17 here! 🤔

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He has gathered 130 thousand followers, and more is yet to come!


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Hopefully, Anuko will manage to embrace the Christmas spirit and enjoy the festive season together with his owner, Jasmine.

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