The Other Side Of The Essential Oils - Beside Being A Helpful Remedy It Can Be Poison For Children

Date December 13, 2017

Essential oils sound like a very healthy and useful remedy against so many ailments. They smell wonderful and perform the therapeutic function. But the coin always has two sides, so along with the advantages essential oils can bring, they have their risks to children’s health.

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Unfortunately there are many cases of wrong using of such oils. They are highly concentrated and ingesting them works as poisoning. Because of their good smell, children may be so temped to eat it. But this is not the one danger. This is how you can protect your child’ health from essential oil’s poisoning:

  • Do not apply to skin undiluted oils, it may provoke allergic reaction, and chemical burns;
  • Make sure a child can not put it in his mouth or nose, or inhale it, so keep it away;
  • If your child has any respiratory disease, do not vaporize essential oils for refreshing the air at your home;
  • Teething recipes should not contain essential oils.

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Dr. Justin Loden from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Tennessee Poison Center is explaining, that "The rule of thumb in toxicology is 'the dose makes the poison,' so all essential oils are potentially harmful".

If a child finds an interesting little vial and taste it, he may choke with it, and that little part that goes to lungs while choking triggers pneumonia process, working as poison. Sounds serious, is it?

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Essential oils can also cure, but before making a decision about using them as a homemade remedy, consult a doctor, and make sure you stick to the right proportions.

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