How To Make A Right Decision: Public Schools vs Homeschooling

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December 14, 2017 16:29 By Mambee

When it comes to children’s education, parents struggle to provide the best one for the child. Apart from public schools, there is always the other alternative – home education. However, many parents are at the crossroads, having no clue what would work better for a child, because both choices have their pros and cons.

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Public school

Affordable and easy choice, why not! This is where parents won’t have troubles with transport, as usually public schools provide transportation back and forth, they guarantee free education for everyone, and are a great place to develop your social skills and make friends.

Mostly children have good and warm memories of their school time, first relationships, first adventures with friends, social events and activities. And these are undoubtedly important in a child’s development.

When it comes to studying, the program is usually made for an average student. It would be boring for a bright mind and too hectic for a kid with slower perception. It is unlikely that any child receives an education according to his own pace and interests, and considering his individual qualities.

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Starting with advantages, students who are taught at home have higher concentration and usually reach better academic results. There is a freedom of choice of subjects and schedule, and it may be set especially up to a child’s needs, there is no rush to wake up at 7 am strictly, for instance.

The benefit from one-to-one interaction with a teacher is huge too, plus you manage to organize all teaching process according to a student’s own individual qualities and characteristics.

It is controversial if lack of competition is an advantage or not. From the one side, a child does not receive critics being compared to other bright students and from another side – there is no one to stimulate him to reach better results, apart from his own example. An importance of social interaction is tremendous, so if a child is homeschooling, there must be sport or art classes, a place where children socialize. /

While choosing the form of education, it is vital to reflect a child’s personal needs and see what works best for a child and the whole family. A child’s temper matters too – for extroverts being among people, and be involved into an educational process along with others will be more beneficial. For introverts it may be more appealing to study in a calm atmosphere of home where there are no distractions.

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