Oprah Winfrey Evacuated Her 5 Dogs From California Wildfires

Date December 20, 2017

Wildfires in California still continues to spread, bringing risk to life, and those who can escape do not waste their time. Oprah Winfrey, who had to leave her house too, took care for her pets as well, evacuating them into the place where her pets can breather fresher air.

Oprah expressed support and gratitude to those who fight with the fires days and night.

She can sigh with relief though, as her dogs are evacuated to the safe place now.

It is not surprising though, Oprah treats her dogs like children, they are the members of the family, as valuable as human beings. She has 5 of them - springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren, cocker spaniel Sadie, and golden retrievers Luke and Layla.

In her social media pages Oprah shares her leisure time with her family, like this fun holiday time before Christmas.

it is certain, all 5 dogs get along perfectly well with each other, and grow in happy environment of constant care and attention.

Oprah shared that she has had 21 dogs since she was an adult, and she has always dreamed of getting her own dog when she'd grow up.

She is saying, that nothing could make her happier than spending time with her dogs, walking in the wood, or rolling on the lawn with them - it is the best time.

This is amazing and inspiring to see, how happy she is with her furry family, and how lucky and happy they are with their owner. Hopefully, they all can come home as the fires will stop, and there will be no dust and smoke in the air.

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