10 Basic Rules To Raise Healthy And Well-Adjusted Kids

Date April 16, 2018 09:29

Parents of young children sometimes feel overwhelmed with the thought of their future. Are they going to be decent people? How to seed high moral values and at the same time teach to adjust to this world and gain success? These ideas have been wandering through parents’ minds. But they have to remember, sometimes basic rules we keep intuitively work better than modern parenting techniques.

The blogger Lauren Tamm suggests her own principles which build a solid ground for the kids. She shared them on her page TheMilitaryWifeandMom.comHopefully, you can make use of them too!

1. Build boundaries.

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It is important to show your kids that there are rules in this chaotic world. You have your own boundaries, and you won't give them up, and all kids have to do is adjust to them. Even if they riot at the beginning, watching you firm and strong-minded about your boundaries will make them accept them too.


2. Sleep time.

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Do not forget this basic rule – the child is growing in his sleep, so as a parent, you have to provide the children with the comfortable conditions for the early bedtime.

3. Set your own routine

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Having a routine that repeats daily help build the sense of control in kids. Moreover, they become more independent practicing their own skills at the same activities daily! Knowing what to expect during the day creates a special feeling of comfort and stability.

4. Physical contact

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Touch your kids more! This is such a simple and pleasant activity to do, but it has the massive effect on child’s psychic development! Hug as much as you can, it will benefit your precious ones.

5. Talk about feelings

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When talking, emphasize your attention to feelings. Asking a child about his day is not enough, it is essential to find out how he or she felt when something was happening. Share your feelings too, it is a powerful tool to teach empathy and compassion. These qualities will help your kid in future to build successful social connections and teach him to treat others with respect. Dr. Michele Borba, psychologist and parenting expert says that “empathy is an effective antidote to bullying, aggression, prejudice, and racism.”

6. Play games

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The dominant activity of kids is playing. Spending time playing together does not only make your bond stronger, it gives you an opportunity to explore the child better: find out more about his needs, likings, fears, and worries.

7. Less screen time, more outdoor time

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In the modern world, children must be encouraged to play outside and spend more time on the open air. It promotes the healthy lifestyle and prevents obesity, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

8. Chorus together

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Engaging your kids in doing chorus will make them appreciate someone else’s work. It is not that easy to make them wash dishes or sweep the floor, however, doing things together in a fun manner would bring amazing results.

9. Books and music


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Show them what it is to enjoy a good song or a nice story. Reading develops social skills and imagination; music stimulates brain work. Getting used to these from the early age would create a strong habit your kids can benefit the entire life.

10. Experience, not things

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It is impossible to “buy” children’s love. Giving the expensive presents but having no time together will unlikely bring you closer and create happy memories of the childhood. Focus on having experiences together- trips, picnics, events, talks, laughs – these all make a child live the real life, where he feels needed and loved.

Someone wise said, that all your children need is love! It is the key to their development, health, and happiness! And that means we are ready to give them the best we have in this world, and raise them as intelligent, generous, and open-hearted people, who can live life to the fullest! 

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