6 Natural And Easy-To-Make Fertilizers For Your Indoor Plants

Date February 16, 2018

Planting indoor plants can be soothing to the soul. This hobby is rewarding – plants not only make your apartment look attractive and fresh, they release oxygen, purify the air, and appeal to the eye with their blossoms.

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However, potted plants require a lot of care and love! But most of all they need good “food” to nourish them with minerals. The faster the plant grows, the more fertilizer it needs.

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There are plenty of choices available on the market, but what if you could make fertilizer for your plants using simple and affordable things?

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Here are 6 wallet-friendly ways you can feed your green friends.

Epsom salt

There are two ingredients all plants need for a greener and longer life – magnesium and sulfate. Epson salt contains both of them. If you mix 1 tablespoon with a gallon of water, you will get a nice, nourishing solution for your plants. You can water them with the mixture once every two weeks.


Fish tank water

If you have fish in addition to plants, then you are in luck! You can use water from the fish tank as organic fertilizer. It is rich in excess nitrogen, which is great for soil. Make sure that you do not water your plants with newborn fish though.

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One more easy-to-get and inexpensive choice! Some plants are acid-loving, so before making this fertilizer with vinegar, make certain you're using it for plants which favor it. The solution is made with one tablespoon of vinegar and a gallon of water and used once every three months.

Acidic soil makes some plants flourish, but it is important to remember to check the pH of the soil. Too low of a pH level may cause harm to the plant.

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Green tea

One more good way to recycle your home waste! Used tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that help plants grow and thrive. They improve soil quality as they decompose and enhance oxygenation, which is extremely beneficial for roots! No more reason to throw tea bags away anymore!

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Your plants would probably love a cup of coffee in the morning just like you do! Mixed into the soil, coffee creates an acidic environment and nourishes the roots with nitrogen. You can sprinkle the soil before watering the plant, or make a liquid and pour it into the pot. For a stronger effect, make a mixture of 6 spoons of ground coffee and 5 gallons of water and leave it to stand for 2 or 3 days. Then saturate the soil with it.

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Banana peels

Bananas are known to be rich in potassium and benefit our health. The peels have the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium for potted plants. The easiest way to use them is just to place them on top of the soil. If it is a new plant, it's better to put the banana peels on the bottom of the pot. When mixed with the soil and decomposed, they make an excellent organic fertilizer.

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Natural fertilizers are a wonderful choice for many reasons. You won't just save money, but you'll protect yourself from unnecessary chemicals and provide your indoor plants with the nutrients they need!

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You'll have a chance to enjoy them blossoming and being a real delight to the eye.

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